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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Monolithic (vertical) coastal structures


This research project is mainly directed towards the development of a technical basis for the establishment of design guidelines for monolithic structures and breakwaters subject to breaking waves. Specific objectives of the project are:

1) to improve the physical understanding and modelling of the breaking wave impact mechanisms and other processes involved in the wave-structure-foundation soil interaction;

2) to perform numerical simulations of the most dominant of these mechanisms and processes; and

3) to improve the stability of the structure and its foundation by means of innovative constructional measures.

In order to achieve these objectives four research topics are addressed:

1) evaluation of breaking wave impact forces and structure-foundation soil interaction;

2) scaling of impact processes associated with air entrainment/entrapment;

3) prediction of seabed scour and toe erosion; and

4) assessment of wave overtopping including wind effects and devising of structural measures to increase the stability of the structure and its foundation.

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