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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Transfer pathways and fluxes of organic matter and related elements in water and sediments of the North Balearic basin and their importance on the Western Mediterranean sea


The EUROMARGE-Northwestern (NW) Mediterranean project aims to provide a multidisciplinary study of the Northwestern Mediterranean continental margin ecosystems. The project involves integrated research on the mesoscale 'Liguro-Catalonian circuit', from the East of Marseilles to the Catalonian coast, South of Barcelona, and to the North-Balearic margin.

The objectives of the project are:

1) to determine the fluxes of dissolved and particulate matter from terrigenous and biogenic origin;

2) to quantify biogeochemical exchanges at the sediment-water interface with special attention to the biological activity;

3) to analyze the dynamics of the benthos using in situ measurements; and

4) to describe the composition and physical properties of sediments in order to track long term changes.

To reach the former objectives, a double strategy will be applied: 1)continuous monitoring of major biogeochemical parameters by in situ moored instrumentation in selected stations; and 2) quasi-instantaneous experiments (cruises) in specific sites and in the whole area of study. This strategy depends on the exploration devices, probes (CTD and others), experimental devices (colonization modules, benthic chamber), sediment traps, current-meters and sediment sampling systems. Appropriate analytical and data treatment techniques will be used to fully exploit field data.

Expected main achievements include:

1) quantitative, simultaneous assessment of water masses, suspended particle standing stocks, and particulate fluxes over an entire margin system;

2) calculations of mass balances and budgets, within the water column of some important elements and compounds (e.g. carbon, nitrogen, anthropogenic substances); and

3) understanding of the fate of particulate matter once it has reached the sediments and identification of the relations between energy supply and biological response of benthic communities.

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