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The hydrodynamics of the Western Mediterranean sea


Euromodel will carry on global basin, regional and process
studies in both modelling and in situ experiments, with
particular emphasis on the seasonal and mesoscale
variabilities. Synergy between observations (in situ and
satellite), theoretical, physical and numerical models will be systematically used.

The basin scale circulation will be simulated using LODYC and GHER ocean general circulation models. The surface forcing
will be obtained from a meteorological-assimilated data set
(PERIDOT output). In conjunction with the PRIMO experiment, in situ basin scale experiments will monitor the transports
through the straits to provide the models with realistic
lateral boundary conditions. The seasonal variability of the basin scale circulation as well as heat and salt budgets will be extensively investigated.

The mesoscale variability could strongly influence, and even dominate the general circulation in regional basins. In situ, numerical and laboratory experiments will be conducted in a
number of regions (the Balearic and Alboran seas, the Algerian Basin and the Sardinia Channel) to apprehend the physical
mechanisms involved in the mesoscale circulation. In situ
observations will be complemented with remote sensing data
(altimeter, AVHRR, scatterometer, SAR, CZCS). The path and the instabilities of intermediate waters in the Western
Mediterranean and the Eastern Atlantic Ocean in front of the Strait of Gibraltar, as well as upper ocean mesoscale
variability and its implication to downward energy propagation will be investigated.

Advanced research in model-based data assimilation will be
initiated to synthesize the different sources of information, providing a coherent representation of the circulation.

As a preliminary phase to the development of models suitable for environmental purposes, a bio-hydrodynamic model will be set up through primary productivity studies.

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