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Marine Ecosystems Regulation: Trace Metals and Carbon Dioxide Limitations


Principal investigators: prof.dr. H.J.W. de Baarl, dr. K.R.
Timmermansl, dr. U. Riebesell2, dr. D. Wolf-Gladrow2, dr. C.S. van den Berg3, dr. M. Whitfield4, dr. R. Geider4, dr. M. Fontugne5.
ABSTRACT. Trace metal and carbon dioxide uptake can limit phytoplankton growth rates in marine ecosystems. Using new analytical approaches and methodologies, the relationship between algal growth and the biological availability of trace metals and carbon dioxide will be unravelled. Objective is to elucidate the relationship between algal gLowth rate and the availability of trace metals and carbon dioxide in seawater, including synergistic effects relating to trace metal and inorganic carbon co-limitation. The analysis of trace metal and CO2 biological availability will involve the determination of the chemical forms of iron (Fe), zinc (Zn), and cobalt (Co), their exchange kinetics and diffusive transport rates, as well as an assessment of the significance and functioning of carbon-concerltrating mechanisms in marine phytoplankton communities. These questions will be addressed by combining newly developed electrochemical methods with physiological and molecular diagnostics capable to assess the nutritional status of phytoplankton.
Specific objectives are as follows:
a) to determine the biological availability of trace metals (Fe, Zn, Co) throug measurements of speciation, complexation and dissociation/association kinetics, with the purpose of developing a model on trace metal mass transport; b) to develop, calibrate, and apply molecular and physiological diagnostics with which to characterise the nutritional status of model phytoplankton species and to detect trace metal and CO2 limitation;
c) to investigate synergistic effects of trace metal and carbon dioxide limitation and physiological responses to trace metal substitution. 1) NIOZ 2)AWI 3)U.Liverpool 4)MBA 5)CFR The Netherlands Germany United Kingdom United Kingdom France

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