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Content archived on 2024-04-30

Propagation channel simulator


The main objective of the project is to develop and make available to instrument designers a software system able to simulate realizations of output waveforms received on an array of sensors from a wide band source (100 Hz - 10 kHz) after propagation through a shallow water acoustic channel with random fluctuations.
With the help of such a generic tool,more realistic computer simulations using standard modern computer equipment could be performed at the highest level of details because the acoustic pressure function of time which contains in itself all the time and space spreadings of the propagation channel is simulated. With this new possibility of simulation, the design of acoustic systems can then be optimized in performance and cost, the simulation allowing reduction of costly sea trials.
Therefore, the project fully meet the objectives of the MAST III programme under the Marine Technology Research area C, Generic Technologies ; the main application areas are underwater communication, monitoring ocean processes by tomography, localization of underwater vehicles by exploiting the multipath structure of propagation, classification and localisation of transients noises produced by all kind of sources, including marine animals.
The project includes a strong coupling between oceanographic and acoustic modelling tasks, experiments at sea and software developments. The partners are complementary in their skills and experience, oceanographers and acousticians will work together with sea trials specialists, the outstanding sea going facilities of one partner, SACLANTCEN, being available for the project. All partners have a strong interest in the work and the expected results, primarily for economical reasons concerning the industrial partners TS.ASM (coordinator of the project) and TNO-FEL, notably for the benefit of their civilian maritime activities, SACLANTCEN because the subject is fully in line with its research programme, and because of the opportunity to develop new expertise for teaching and consulting activities for the other partners.

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