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Pre-operational modelling in the seas of Europe


Effective management of the coastal zone on a European scale requires oceanographic knowledge to be synthesised within pre-operational numerical models operated alongside an international observational network. PROMISE aims to expedite the implementation of operational oceanography and comprises European groups with wide experience in real-time modelling and monitoring. Applications are concentrated in the North Sea and on the Atlantic Coast of Spain where existing storm operational models for tide and waves are already developed and where skeleton monitoring networks already exist. The present focus is on tidal, storm and surface wave propagation (including interactions between these and associated turbulent motions) and on the transport of suspended sediment in the near-shore zone.
The project aims are:
(i) to assemble high resolution comprehensive data sets
for 4 European coastal sites with differing hydrodynamic and sedimentological characteristics
(ii) to use these data sets to test pre-operational models,
this testing to include all aspects from forecasting accuracy to real-time monitoring and data links
(iii) to improve these model systems by (a) expanding their physical realism, (b) improving quality and quantity of observational data and (c) by further development of real-time data assimilation techniques.
Scientifically and technically, this project focuses on coupling of different physical processes on different space-time scales, coupling of models with observational data and coupling of the expertise/existing models of the 10 Institutes involved. These Institutes operate a range of models embracing a diversity of physical processes and numerical techniques. Workshops and Modelling Exchanges will provide opportunities to compare model outputs against assembled data sets. These comparisons will be used to incorporate developments and to assemble a series of generic modules, each with well-established characteristics that can be readily incorporated into separate applications. In relation to the broader MAST objectives, this proposal aims to establish a working framework between European 'centres of excellence' to form the basis for future European-Scale 'pre-operational' modelling and monitoring programmes. Thus it seeks to lay the foundations for medium to long-term prediction of coastal zone processes and thereby to sustainable use of the coastal and shelf sea environments.

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