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Operational modelling for coastal zone management

Exploitable results

In this project, methods and techniques for continuous monitoring and operational forecasting for coastal waters are being improved based upon existing operational circulation and dispersion model systems. OPCOM addresses open questions concerning the usability of results from such models for the most relevant fields of medium to long-term coastal zone management in close cooperation with first and potential end-users. This will lead to the optimisation of efforts to enhance forecast quality. In particular, deterministic and stochastic forecasting methods and techniques are combined to improve the predictive capability of traditional models. Additional goal of the investigations is to derive general criteria for the design of operational model systems of coastal zones (e.g. Elbe estuary) or pre-operational models (e.g. Bay of Marennes-Oleron) are used. No basic model development is done but available and continuously produced model results are analysed for coastal zone management purposes. These model systems are modified during the project duration taking into account specific local demands for coastal management by possible first and possible end-users. Final important outcome of the project is the development of a coastal management database structure incorporating essential information derived from (pre-) operational model systems and monitoring networks suitable for GOOS purposes.