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Improvement of Cen standards by short term methods for testing the natural durability and treatability of solid wood and wood based panel products


The aim of the research work is to develop a rapid and reliable test method for the determination of the natural wood durability. Further, a laboratory method shall be developed which allows the testing of small samples and limited sections of a stem, e.g. sapwood, in order to test an classify the treatability of wood species in pressure-treatment processes with water-based resp. oilborne solutions. Finally, research on the durability of wood based board materials containing glues will be carried out in order to develop the methodology being considered by CEN/TC 38.
Biological testing is in progress and most of experiments with soft-rot fungi in soil-beds and basidiomycetes are completed. A detailed analysis of the data will presented during 1997. Field tests have been set up at two different sites and the first preliminary results will be obtained by the end of 1997. The experiments on the treatability of wood have been finished, a draft proposal for a method of test will be prepared during 1997 and forwarded to CEN/TC 38. For particle boards the effects of the different types of ageing on the results of the biological tests have been assessed. Tests with aged glue pads and glue/wood bags are presently carried out. As soon as the results are available a standard method of testing glues with basidiomycetes can be drafted.


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