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Exploitable results

The objective of the project was to develop a multimedia simulation game for the education of European engineers and engineering students. It aimed to apply innovative information and communication technologies for preparing engineers for their career in a product development environment characterised by globalisation and extensive use of computers. An overall COSIGA simulation model was developed. The choice for architecture of the simulation module was based on the following criteria: -Creating conditions for broad distribution (i.e. avoidance of expensive hardware/software requirements; avoidance of security holes needed for the game). -Fast response on user actions. -Multi-game opportunities. -Chance of asynchronous playing. -Using state-of-the-art technologies and design. The simulation module is a client server application. A basic configuration of the HW/SW platform has been specified. A further analysis of the game�s effects on the different player roles was carried out. This resulted in the derivation of an individual CE profile, which can be compared to the organisation CE profile in the PACE and CEPRA projects. Development of the Simulation Module: In accordance with the first approach of the simulation model, the basic architecture of the simulation module has been defined and already implemented. Therefore, all criteria have been considered. The development of the module will be an iterative process of software development depending on the development of the simulation model. Development of the Communication Network Module: Real experience with real communication tools is required COSIGA project uses narrowband technologies (ISDN/INTERNET) and demonstrates broadband technologies TCP/IP is required for simulation module. Each communication application should be based on widely accepted protocols in that area. The selected communications tools should be based on standards that enable effective network gaming environment without the management of firewalls when gaming and communicating over organisation boundaries. User Interface Experimentation and Selection - aims to transfer the didactic concepts and CE world into suggestions for advanced interfaces and identify the most suitable one. In this task, tests and experiments are carried out in order to validate the interface acceptance and attractiveness. Conclusion: the Cosiga user interface is good enough to be used by its target users. On-line tutorials: The final implementation of the help system has been made and demonstrated. The Online Help is complemented by a printed Facilitators Guide.