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The European Community and national governments need to increase their awareness of the importance of cities in development policy. It is recommended that: the European Community formulate a policy framework for city development to create a more balanced Community spatial structure; the European Community assess the spatial impact of Community sectoral policies within this policy framework.

Cities need to become aware of the importance of their knowledge resources and of their role as actors in city development and in science and technology policy. It is recommended: that the European Community stimulate a greater awareness of the role of knowledge by supporting assessment of knowledge resources and investment in building the knowledge infrastructure at the city level; that the European Community encourage cities to formulate strategies for strengthening their core competencies, stimulating research and development, improving relations between industry, research, universities and the local culture, and for creating conditions conducive to creativity, innovation and knowledge based development; that the European Community stimulate city technology policy processes which articulate and address local technology needs.

The development of cities and efforts to enhance their creative and innovative potentials require monitoring. It is recommended: that the European Community monitor city development by creating observatories for monitoring, assessment and analysis of city development trends (reference cities); that the many stimulation and exchange programmes of the European Community be made more transparent, be better coordinated and made more accessible by publicizing them better and streamlining application and administrative procedures.

Ensuring a balanced European Economic Community warrants special programmes to overcome handicaps in initial knowledge resource endowments of cities. It is recommended that the European Community create special programmes sup porting the accelerated development of core competencies and knowledge resources in less well endowed cities.

Balanced growth in the Community requires specific programmes for innovation in small structures; local efforts to build knowledge infrastructures for territorial clusters of small and medium sized firms in related knowledge based activities need special consideration. It is recommended that the European Community add a city dimension to its STD framework programme.

Balanced growth in the Community hinges upon increasing access to information and improving communication infrastructures. It is recommended: that European Community takes measures to keep information channels open to all cities and to all actors within the cities; that the European Community take measures to ensure access to large, Europe wide transportation infrastructure for all cities; that the European Community take measures to promote the integration of science and technology into the knowledge culture of cities and to ensure that efforts to improve the physical infrastructure are coordinated with those to improve the knowledge infrastructure.


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