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Content archived on 2024-04-16

Development of testing procedures for optical probes


Three coordinate measuring machines measure the geometry of objects by scanning their surface either mechanically or optically. Optical systems (optical probes) are increasingly used by industry as they are capable of high scanning speeds when measuring a broad spectrum of objects in a contactless manner. Although they are already widely used there exist neither standardized nor generally acknowledged testing and calibration procedures for them. Thus specification of probes of different manufacturers cannot be compared directly.
Probes working on three different optical principles will be investigated and their essential characteristics identified. This will include both kinematic and dynamic behaviour. As a result of the initial investigations, draft recommendations for testing procedures will be discussed with industrial representatives. Computer simulation of the probes will be developed which when used with appropriate experimental measurements will allow the overall error associated with each type of probe to be broken down into its constituent parts. Overall it is the aim of the project to establish unified testing procedures for optical probes and methods for the correction of their errors suitable as a basis for standardisation.

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