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Non contact surface metrology


In many industrial sectors assurance of functional surface quality is critically hampered by the inadequacies of current surface metrology techniques. New technology is required for full micro topographic surface analysis and for high-speed, in-process and immediate post-process, measurement of surface quality measures such as roughness, waviness, repeat or isolated geometrical features. Only in this way will it be possible to meet the increasingly stringent quality requirements and support the move towards high speed automated manufacturing. It is the aim of the project to investigate optical phenomena which could potentially be used for analysis and measurement of engineering surfaces, and developing them to provide for improved measurement procedures and practices.

The techniques investigated are phase contrast methods, infrared scattering, shearing interferometry, projected fringes, scanning differential heterodyne interferometry, scanning confocal microscopy and high speed laser scanning.

To determine the performance and limitations of the above techniques, a wide range of test surfaces will be used, representing engineering components, machine components, domestic products, flat and structural glass products.

The measurement results obtained using the above techniques will be compared with conventional techniques (such as contact or optical stylus). The techniques will be related to requirements for measurements in product design and development as well as for in-process and post-process manufacturing quality control.

Finally, surface parameters will be identified which can be determined by each individual technique to the required accuracy and the influences of error sources on the accuracy will quantitatively be determined.

In progress.

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Institutet foer Optisk Forskning
Nederlandse Philips Bedrijven B.V.
SKF Engineering and Research Centre B.V.
Universität Stuttgart
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