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The development of test and calibration procedures for automated theodolite systems in production metrology


Coordinate measuring systems based upon computer controlled automated theodolites have a large number of potential applications in production industries such as those concerned with automobiles, shipbuilding, large machine, aircraft and spacecraft, etc. Although these systems are cost effective, flexible in use and sufficiently accurate, they have not yet been widely accepted by industry. This is mainly due to the fact that no instrument-independent guidelines or standards exist which would enable the user to quickly and reliably determine or verify the measurement accuracy of their system.

Calibration and test methods which are cheap, easy and fast to handle shall therefore be developed in the project. They will be based upon calibrated reference objects. The work will include the determination of the influence of a variety of different targets on the measurement accuracy and the development of appropriate correction procedures where they are required. The uncertainty of automated theodolite intersection systems will be described by the superposition of its individual error components. At a final stage of the project draft guidelines will be established for the calibration, acceptance testing and periodic inspection of automated theodolite systems. The measurement distances covered by the project will be up to 25 m.


In progress.

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