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A draft directive on the fire behaviour of upholstered furniture is currently being prepared, the aim of which is to reduce the fire hazards of upholstered furniture in the home and in public places. There is little disagreement over the test methods to be used for the First Essential Requirement which will require that furniture should not ignite in the first place when exposed to typical ignition sources such as a cigarette or burning match. The problem lies with the Second Essential Requirement of the draft Directive which is concerned with what happens after the furniture has started to burn. The text in the draft Directive says that the heat, smoke and toxic gases produced should not endanger the lives or the well-being of exposed people during a period long enough for them to be able to escape. The project will establish test methods to implement the Second Essential Requirement by evaluating the post-ignition fire behaviour of upholstered furniture on a sound scientific basis without discriminating against any particular products.


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