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Telematics applications for tourism and leisure in rural areas


The objectives are to:

- Identify potential telematic systems applications to serve tourism and leisure activities in rural areas.
- Identify user requirements for telematic services. Users can be service providers and service consumers. Identify above requirements in the selected target areas.
- Match user requirements with potential telematic systems and services that are available or in the development phase.
- Identify system requirements to serve potential telematic applications in four target areas in Greece, Spain, Ireland and Italy.
- Demonstrate the technical feasibility of selected applications by preparing a demonstrator to be implemented in one of the two target areas in Spain and Ireland.

First the existing and potential telematic services suitable for use in rural areas will be identified. The later would be largely dependent on the infrastructural requirements of these services. The user requirements will be evaluated from the supply side (tourist service providers) and from the demand side (tourist service consumers). For this purpose four target areas will be used in Greece, Italy, Spain and Ireland. The necessary investigation would be carried out through in depth interviews covering hotels, public institutions, travel agencies, consumer groups etc. User requirements will then be matched through potential telematic applications. The systems requirements most suitable to each target area will be identified. A preliminary impact analysis will be undertaken which will consider social and economic parameters. Based on the impact analysis results, the Consortium will proceed with the specification and execution of 1 pilot application in Spain or in Ireland for the demonstration of the technical feasibility of the selected services and the final evaluation of impacts. A strategy for the exploitation of results and their wider possible dissemination will be set forward.

Relationship to other projects and actions

Within the current programme, project DIAMMS covers a similar scope as RUTOTEL but from a different planning and technological perspective.

Other EEC programmes where projects related to RUTOTEL have been undertaken, are:-

- LEADER, links between actions for the development of the rural economy
- LEDA, action for the development of local employment
- IMPACT, projects ATIS-AIT, ITDNS, ULYSSES and Teletourismo EUROPE
- STAR, and particularly applications of new technologies in rural areas.

Expected Impact

The project will contribute to expanding tourism activities in rural areas, especially in rural areas and islands. Use of telematics will reduce geographical isolation, help to diversify economies and contribute to economic growth and preservation of the rural population.

Testbed and verification

The technologies and applications of RUTOTEL will be tried in one demonstrator to be tested either in Ireland or in Spain. If additional funds are available during the second year of the project, demonstrators will be set up in all four areas associated with the project.


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