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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Synergetic network for development of the European telework/telematics forum


SYNERGY will develop and expand the European Telework/Telematics Forum (ECTF) as the framework for EC Concerted Actions on Telework, Telematics in Small Business and Telematics in Tourism.

The ECTF is an open and informal association of individuals and organisations active in the promotion and exploitation of new teleworking and telematics in small business and tourism - particularly those opportunities which contribute to revitalisation of rural areas.

The ECTF's objectives are:

to encourage the exchange of information between telematics initiatives in Europe, EFTA, and Central Europe,
to liaison with initiatives in the USA and elsewhere,
to assist in concertation actions - publications and seminars, and in the development of consensus, as appropriate, for technology development.

The basic approach for concertation is for the ECTF to function as a catalyst, sparking ideas and actions which existing organisations, and then implement these with national or local funding.

ECTF co-ordinators throughout the EC will pursue specifically the subject areas of telematics in telework, small businesses, and tourism. A membership campaign, with a target of 10 000 members by month 30 will be launched. The ECTF will be formed as an "European Economic Interest Group" (EEIG), or other appropriate legal entity. An advisory board representative of, key end users and actors in rural development fields, network operators, and equipment manufacturers, corporate users, etc will be appointed.

The ECTF will produce a newsletter, journal, who's who, projects listings, bibliography, and library. Documents will be complied and distributed via an electronic mail system. Advanced indexing and searching facilities of ECTF literature will be explored. Seminars and other concertation actions will be held (nearly) monthly in rural regions. Annual major European global telework/telematics conferences and exhibitions will be held in 93 and 94. Co-operation and co-development opportunities will be pursued with appropriate corporate interests.


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