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Symposium and workshops on cephalopod biomass and production


The proposal will facilitate an international symposium and four linked specialist workshops to address key issues relating the biomass of cephalopod populations to their productive capacity and that of the marine ecosystem. The outcomes will be relevant to the understanding of the marine environment and management of fisheries.

1. Organise and manage an international symposium on the theme Cephalopod Biomass and Production 5th-7th July 2000 and facilitate contributions from, and attendance at, the meeting of a fully international range of participants.
2. Organise and manage a suite of specific specialist and technical workshops 3rd--4th July 2000, in support of the symposium topic.
3. Showcase the relevant work of European partnerships in the FAR, AIR and FAIR programmes.
4. Provide special opportunity to draw in the contributions from the ex-Soviet Union countries.
5. Manage and edit a scientific volume to disseminate the proceedings of the meeting.


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