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International symposium on the role of flatfishes in benthic ecosystems


The International Symposium on the Role of Flatfishes in Benthic Ecosystems will be held from 3-7th November 2002. The Symposium will address three themes: Patterns (stock structure, genetic studies, tagging, meristics and hard structures), Processes (Larval supply, Habitat, Trophic interactions), and Management (Collapse and recovery, management plans, fishing effort regulations, spatial and temporal considerations, natural versus fishing mortality). Oral and poster papers will be invited for presentation.

There will be six sessions, each with a keynote speaker and provocateur. Any contribution may be submitted for publication in the conference proceedings. The contributions will be peer-reviewed, and those accepted will be edited and prepared for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Sea Research, published by Elsevier, in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.


Life Sciences Building Crown Street
United Kingdom