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The Blue Revolution - a Two Part Popular Science Tv-Documentary on Marine Aquaculture


Our main objective is to raise public awareness about marine aquaculture: its products, its effects on health and environment, and its role in a future, sustainable economy. The title suggests the perspective: Will aquaculture be a ""blue revolution"", comparable to the agricultural revolution in neolithic times?
This question is important if we consider the population growth, and the increasing pressure on key resources and ecosystems. This, along with the health aspect of seafood consumption, makes aquaculture highly relevant both today and in the future.
The project is important because it will be the first effort of its kind, with help from leading researchers in the field.

The production will be done at The University Media Centre, Bergen, an established producer of scientific and educational TV programmes on public channels (also international). The TV-documentary unit has full TV-production facilities. Director is Bjoern Vassnes, winner of the Norwegian Science Journalist Award, for a previous TV-series. Head of the Centre and executive producer is Knut Midttun, who has produced a lot of documentaries with the NRK (Norw. Broadc. Co). Each of the two 28 minute documentaries will consist of 4 to 5 reports from various locations (fish farms, laboratories, etc.), and interviews with scientists and workers in the field (from fish farmers to restaurant chefs). The locations will be in Norway, Spain, Portugal, Scotland and hopefully France/Greece. Work will start in July/August 2000, and be finished by November 2001 at the latest. As regards distribution, NRK1's very popular science programme, ""Schrodingers Katt"", will screen the films. NRK's sales organisation, NRK Aktivum, has already had a lot of requests from other European countries for documentaries about marine aquaculture, but so far, none has been produced. This will be the first.

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