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Review of Genetic Studies on Atlantic Salmon to Increase Understanding and Improve the Effectiveness of Wild Stock Conservation and Rebuilding Programmes in Europe


The project will establish an organisational framework for scientists working on Atlantic salmon in order to:

- improve understanding of population structuring and intraspecific biodiversity in the Atlantic salmon in Europe and across the species range,
deliver consensus, "state of the art" advise to resource managers for addressing genetic issues in stock conservation and rebuilding programmes.

The framework will achieve five objectives. The aims of the first four objectives of the project are to undertake and submit for publication, in primary scientific literature, a comprehensive written collation, syntheses and reviews of available data within and among Atlantic salmon stocks on:

- genetic protein variation,
- mitochondrial DNA variation,
- nuclear DNA variation, including chromosomal variation,
- quantitative and experimental genetic studies.

The fifth objective will be to produce, in the specific context of the output arising from achievement of the first four objectives, written reviews of the genetic issues in Atlantic salmon stock conservation and rebuilding programmes. A written manual of genetic guidance on these issues for managers of salmon stocks will be also provided.

- population structuring, metapopulations and phylogeography,
- adaptive population differentiation,
- genetic differentiation of farm and wild salmon stocks,
- population discrimination using molecular markers,
- effects of population reductions on genetic variability and population viability,
- effects of introductions of non-native conspecifics on native populations,
- effects of habitat changes such as global warming,
- supportive breeding programmes and gene banking,
- stock re-establishment.

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