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Acoustic ranching in aquaculture


The ARIA Project relates to the feasibility of "free-range" fish farming i.e. growing and harvesting certain species within a designated area of sea without the need for cages. The sedentary nature of many fish species may also be used to favour an open ranch approach to fish culture especially for high value species like the bags. (Dicentrarchus labrax) and it is this fish which will be used in the initial trials.

The main areas to be investigated during the exploratory stage are into work already done on ABR (Auditory Brain Stem Response) into the conditioning of bass to respond to suitable acoustic signals and into design features required in an automatic feeding and capture station (AFS). The latter requires investigation into the most appropriate technology to solve the problem of manufacturing and mooring a complex electronic device long term in the harshest of environments - the sea.


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South Brent, Devon
United Kingdom