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Pollution and recivery of fish farm sediments


In order to prevent interactions between fish farms and the marine environment showing adverse effects on economy (diseases, low quality) mitigation strategies are urgently needed). One promising strategy is the transfer of fish farms, which might relieve organically burdened sediment leading to improved production) There is, however a lack of information on the effects of these measures, i.e. in semi-enclosed and none-tidal systems. Therefore, a major goal of the proposed work is to characterise and model the change of the benthos at different study sites once the point source of organic enrichment, i.e. the fish farm, has been removed or established, respectively. Specific objectives should include documentation and quantification of the changes occurring in terms of biogeochemistry, benthos, and fish pathogens, and to develop a predictive model to optimise balance between biomass production and product quality.

Funding Scheme

CRS - Cooperative research contracts


Coastal Research & Management
Tiessenkai 12
24159 Kiel

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Institute Gounari
Ipsilantou 2
37100 Almyros