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High efficiency and remote management oxygenation system for aquaculture


Aquaculture is an expanding zootechnical sector without high-tech content. Water oxygenation process may affect land-based fish-farming. Mediterranean production mainly depends on land-based and under-coast plants. EXPLORATORY PHASE (3 months/ 30,000 euro)aims to evaluate high-tech market request. SME proposers try to expand their business joining with specialized enterprises too. CRAFT PHASE (2months/200,000 euro) aims to:
1. reduce oxygen consumption(80%,90%);
2. reduce fish-pathology risk;
3. increase product quality;
4. reduce management cost.
Project allows to develop an innovative System with a special oxygen dosing cell(efficiency = 100%)and on-line water quality sensors, supplied by sun power. Amic and Siegert SME proposers intend to employ many resources to exploit project best results in the shortest time. Other partners: Sirtis(Res. Institute expected), Ferme Aquacole and La Cosa (SME end-users expected). Sought expertises: "fish-biology and aquaculture economy"; SME or Res. Institutes.

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