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Improvement of the automatic feeder "SUBFEEDER20" for submerged fishfarming cages through a remote controller integration managed by using advanced telecomunication


In OFFSHORE AQUACULTURE submerged fish farming cages application is increasing because of the problems concerning the installation sites. Often submitted to rough weather conditions. Feeding is one of the main problems in OFF-SHORE AQUACULTURE, above all where submerged fish farming cages are installed because of the long time procedure involved and the skilled personnel required to do k that increase the accident risks and the management costs. Manual feeding procedure is traditionally used in OFFSHORE AQUACULTURE with submerged fish farming cages where, sometimes, feeding is done from the sea-surface without moving the submerged cages; in this case nobody knows how and if the fish is eating. An automatic and remote controlled feeder for submerged cages could really help technically and economically the fish farmers in OFFSHORE AQUACULTURE. It could succeed in reducing the personnel interventions frequency for feeding operations and the risks related to them- Also the environmental impact, due to the not-consumed feed, could be reduced by the feeding remote controlling function, which allows to rationalise the dispensed feed. The development of an automatic and remote controlled feeder could give to the SME proposers the opportunity to gain a great portion of the OFF-SHORE AQUACULTURE international market, especially considering that the SME leader proposer is involved in submerged fish-fanning cages installation.

Present proposal milestones are:
1- Planning of a New Feeding System obtained by the integration of a Portable Remote Controller (PRC) to an already existing feeder for submerged fish farming cages, called ""Subfeeder20"" and developed, by Techno.S.E.A_ s.r.l. the SME co-ordinator of the present proposal;
2- Implementation of the New Feeding System prototype with the new interactive function that allow the ON-LINE feeder control, independently on each cage and the relevant diagnostic cheek.
3. Verification of reducing cost procedure for the New Feeding System production.

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