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High Efficient Zero Impact Novel Species Aquaculture Systems


The design of Zero Impact Novel Species Aquaculture Systems is based on biological processes and highly efficient energy management. Design objectives are that no contact is to be made between land-based recirculation systems and the surrounding water systems. This means providing means for sustainable production of fish without releasing hazards as:
1. Effluents as organic materials and salts as nitrogen and phosphorous;
2- Spreading and propagation of pathogenic organisms and viruses;
3. Genetic risks by spreading of "run-away, individuals;
4. Effluents containing antibiotic resistant building substances.

It involves: -Growing of herbivorous fish species able to grow on silage or cereal products; -Controlling pathogenic input from outside systems by "sterilising gates" and a stabilised probiotic microbial flora within the production system; -Polish off of waste by utilisation of plants or micro algae for increased water quality within the system enabling 100% recirculation.

Funding Scheme

EAW - Exploratory awards


SmartCulture AS
Eklandagaten 29B
412 82 Göteborg

Participants (1)

Lyksvad Fiskefarm K/S
Odis Kroge Vej 4, Odis
6580 Vamdrup