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Economic Assessement of European Fisheries


General: to integrate and analyse the economic information available on European fisheries and to develop analytical tools in order to contribute to effective fisheries management.
Specific: l. An Annual Economic Report (AER) on economic performance of selected fleet segments will be elaborated and submitted to STECF for review: 1.1 Continuation of existing format; 1.2 New fleet segments; 1.3 EU-wide fisheries;
1.4 Include Baltic area. 2. Annual Economic Interpretation of the ACFM Advice (EIAA) will be prepared and submitted to STECP for review: 2.1 Continue existing format; 2.2 New fleet segments; 2.3 Improve forecasting methods. 3. Establish a database for the compiled data. 4. Develop analytical tools to exploit the data and allow improved estimations.

The project PAIR CT97-3541 has established procedures for compilation of existing economic data regarding the performance of specific fishing fleets. The most recent report 1999 has been published by the EC in September 2000 (ISBN 92-828- 9600-5). The project FAIR CT97-3541 will end in February 2001. The proposed project primarily aims to continue and expand the work, which has been initiated.
The project will compile economic information on fishing fleets of all coastal EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Poland and the Baltic republics. This information will be standardised in terms of definitions, storage in database and presentation to users. This information will be used for preparation of an Annual Economic Report (AER), Economic Interpretation of ACFM Advice (EIAA) and creation of a database to facilitate further use of the available data. Furthermore analytical tools will be developed in order to assess and improve data quality. Work regards primarily data from national and local sources, preparation of accompanying analysis and participation in meetings.
Innovations: A more complete coverage of the European fisheries will be pursued, by new national segments, by inclusion of fisheries of Poland and Baltic republics and by analysis of EU-wide segments, instead of national segments. The compiled data will be organised in a new database. More stress will be put on analysis and applications; e.g. statistical reliability. Estimations will be developed to evaluate performance of fleets for which data is lacking. The EIAA model will be further tested and developed. Capacity will be reserved to develop analytical tools requested by STECP or other EC related bodies.

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