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Algal toxins, their accumulation and loss in commercially important shellfish, including larval mortality and appraisal of accelerated depuration


This proposal represents a concerted effort by the shellfish industry, to commission research into important aspects of algal toxins where positive results may lead to increased prospects of safe marketability of selfish product. The aim is to carry out wide-ranging tests on scallops and mussels in controlled conditions using the toxins ASP, and DSP. It is hoped that the research will advance the understanding of toxin uptake in the shellfish tissues, with the possibility of developing a system of accelerated depuration.

The research supports the 'sustainability' and 'QOL' programmes. Description of work The research consists of 4 interdependent technical workpackages: The 'Bulk Production of Toxic Diatoms' which has recently been developed by one of the research providers, will enable a controlled study in toxin uptake for ASP in Scallops. The 'Toxin Retention & Depuration Trials' will investigate the mechanisms and any selectivity in uptake of ASP toxin by Scallops.


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