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Setting up of a sperm cryobank for seabass


A DVD on cryopreservation methods was edited. The film duration is 10 min; it gathers a step-by-step explanation of the cryopreservation process and realization. This film was realized under the supervision of the 'Mediaqua' company specialized in multimedia communication. The text is in English and the images taken in the IFREMER facilities. The DVD production was assumed by the IAM (Institut Agronomique Mediterraneen) of Montpellier. It can be used by any companies or research organisms that need to use cryopreservation of any species or teach their staff to these techniques. It also can be used in the sector of education (agronomic , universities) to teach students about cryopreservation methods and tools used in aquaculture.
This bank is the first bank of reference gathering the present wild genetic resources for the sea bass. It will allow the project partners: - to increase the genetic variability of farmed populations by adequate mixing of genes, - to avoid all problem related to the displacement of alive wild broodstock, - to realize sophisticated and large crossing scheme necessary to breeding programs, - to utilize seasonal desynchronized males, - to protect the genetic progress of their breeding programs.

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