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Bio-economic modelling of Mediterranean fisheries


The objective of the proposed research is to develop a theoretical bio-economic model for Mediterranean and Mediterranean-type fisheries, and a practical computer simulation model addressed to the management of these fisheries. This model and software should be sufficiently general and flexible to easily accommodate the realities of most Mediterranean fisheries, include multiple species and their interactions, multiple fleets and gear types, and all fisheries management tools currently used by Mediterranean fisheries managers. It should produce a wide range of fisheries performance measures, be dynamic, i.e. capable of simulating the fisheries over a long period of time, be stochastic to incorporate uncertainty in data and models and run on standard operating platforms (Windows, Unix, Linux).

The project will develop an appropriate theoretical background the understanding and general modelling of the key aspects of the Mediterranean fisheries and will review the current management practices in the Mediterranean region. The project will build a conceptual model for Mediterranean fisheries integrating the actual qualitative relationships among the different components involved in the fishery: the biological stocks, the fishing structures, fleets and gears, the market, the fisheries economics and the technological progress.

The project will build a numerical or quantitative model, putting in equations the relationships established in the conceptual model. It will explore new approaches to mathematical modelling and their possible application to Mediterranean fisheries, including: control theory, game theory, Bayesian statistics, fuzzy logics, risk and decision analysis, neural networks and Monte Carlo simulation techniques. The project will make use of external expertise to contribute with additional knowledge and contrasting ideas to complement the team's developments. These external contributions will be channelled through open conferences. The project will elaborate simulation tools allowing the potential end users (scientists, managers and fishermen) to simulate the effects of different management measures. In will also develop a user-friendly computer software to input the facts of particular fisheries and conduct the simulations. The application and validation of the model and software will be through real case studies. The proposal foresees dissemination of the model, the software and the results of case studies among local, national, European and regional interested parties (stakeholders, fisheries researchers, fisheries managers, policy makers). Dissemination of key aspects by means of Internet resources (web site) and convening of a Conference on Mediterranean fisheries bio-economic modelling.

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