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Les femmes dans la pêche et les Cultures marines en Europe


The thematic network 'Femmes"" intends to bring together research centres, fisherwomen association, representatives of maritime administration and social institutions to promote and co-ordinate in Europe fisherwomen initiatives to enhance the recognition of their status and role in fishing enterprises and in fishing communities. Network activities will cover issues related to the status and action of women in artisanal fisheries and shell fish culture. Thematic network aims to cover the following aspects: fisherwomen network development., internal and external exchanges through workshops, research popularisation and production of two agendas address to decision makers. One of this agenda will identify the main priorities on gender research and the second will cover women in action in fisheries sector. For the moment 5 countries are involved in the network. During the three year the network can be joint by others organisations working on theses issues.

The objectives of the network ""FEMMES "" are the following:
- Establishing links between social sciences researchers working in the field of fisheries and aquaculture, the women involved in this sector, and the representative structures of fisherwomen organisations such as social institutions, administrations and training institutions,
- Making an inventory of the initiatives already existing in this field in Europe, either fisher-women organisations or research actions, and providing a ""place for exchanges and reflections"" at the European level,
- Providing a preliminary opportunity in order to create a network of relationships between the fisherwomen organisations at the European level and initial contacts with similar networks in other sectors of activity,
- Promoting within the field of social sciences the theme of research about women, from this reflection and through the identification of research lines to develop,
- Making a preliminary assessment, in the form of discussion workshops between researchers and actors, of the role of women in this sector, and ensuring the communication and dissemination of information, including the popularisation of scientific research work.

Description of the work
The network is initiated by researchers and fisherwomen. The network's co-ordination and administrative management (WP1) are under the responsibility of the Centre for the Law and Economics of the Sea (CEDEM) of the University of Western Brittany in France. A few institutions, mainly fisherwomen organisations and research institutions, have accepted to play a concrete role within the network as contractors or members. From this core, the network's vocation consists in integrating more and more people, either individually or on behalf of organisations. In order to conduct the debate a permanent secretary office for the network is created within the co-ordinator. A steering committee consisting of 3 scientists and 2 fisherwomen is formed to assist the co-ordinator in the management of the network. The activities of the network consist in two types of action :
1- the animation of discussion groups in a workshop format:
The first year will be devoted to the discussion of the theme ""Women and Private Space"" (WP2, two workshops) and the second year for the theme ""Women and Public Space"" (WP3, two workshops). The contributions and discussions of the workshops will be published in proceedings in the form of two volumes widely distributed within the network and beyond. The network will produce agendas for decision-makers based on these discussions (WP6). These documents are an ""Agenda for research about women"" and an ""Agenda for women action"".
2- cross actions that will be undertaken during all the ""life"" of the network :
One will consist in popularising research works in the area of fisheries through the production of synthesis sheets (WP4). The other will concern the inventory of all fisherwomen organisations existing in the Union, the design of a website, the edition of a biannual newsletter and the dissemination of the results of the network's activity (WP5).

A major function of the network will be to enhance communication among European fisherwomen organisations and between scientists and fisher-women. Attempt will be made to keep up with four working languages within all activities of the network: French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

There are four milestones for the follow-up of the development of the network. The first step (M1) is the structuring of the network, during which all the functional structure should be set, including secretariat steering committee, website, newsletter, workshop and scientific synthesis methodology. Then the production of the proceedings of the first series of working groups (""Women in private space) will mark the capacity of the network to conduct the discussion up to a synthetic document for dissemination (M2). A third key milestone is the production of the agendas for decision-makers (M3) as the concluding step of two years of debate animation in the workshops. Finally, the capacity of the network to ensure it further development after the end of the initial funding will be crucial criteria to evaluate its results (M4).


Université de Bretagne Occidentale
3, Rue Des Archives
29269 Brest Cedex

Participants (7)

Cofradria de Pescadores "San Antonio" de Cambados
Avenida Del Muelle, 29
36630 Cambados - Pontevedra
Allée Des Mouettes 25
Fédération interrégionale des femmes du littoral
Rue Guillemard 83
76600 Le Havre
Mutua Dos Pescadores - Sociedade Mutua de Seguros
Avenida Brasilia, Es2 - Pedrouços
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Universidad de La Laguna
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38207 La Laguna - Tenerife
Universidad de Madeira
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