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The role of telomerase in human cancer develpment and an evaluation of its potencial as a therapeutic target


Telomerase is an attractive target at which to aim novel cancer drugs because it maintains tumor cell immortality, and is inactive in the majority of normal human cells. In this project we will determine the precise molecular mechanisms by which telomerase is repressed in normal cells and activated in human cancer progression. Genetic inhibitors of telomerase will be developed and used to provide unequivocal evidence that anti- telomerase strategies induce replicative senescence in cancer cells, in the absence of cellular resistance machanisms. Novel reagents and procedures will be established for use in telomerase-based cancer diagnosis and in prognostic evaluations. Small molecule lead compounds (from a natural product library) that act as potent inhibitors of telomerase will be identified and characterized, as a basis for anti-telomerase drug development.

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