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Erbb2-directed immunotherapy of breast cancer: clinical, biochemical and biophysical approaches toward enhancing efficacy and response rate


ErbB-2 is over expressed in relatively aggressive human breast tumours. When administered to patients together with chemotherapy, monoclonal antibodies to ErbB-2 (Trastuzumab(R)) effectively arrest tumours. Despite the great promise of this emerging modality, for an unknown reason many patients do not respond or develop intensivity. The study will address the underlying molecular mechanism with the hope of enhancing therapeutic efficacy. Co-over expression of topoisomerase IIbiased cross talk between ErbB-2 will be tested in clinical specimens, tumour-bearing animals and in cultured cells. Likewise, the potential synergistic effect of tyrosine kinase inhibitors and benzoquinoid ansamycins will be examined inpreclinical models. These studies are expected to better define patients eligible for therapy, reduce treatment costs and identify novel strategies of combination therapy.

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