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Content archived on 2024-05-24

New therapeutic approaches to osteoporosis: targeting the osteoclast v-atpase


By harnessing the different skills of a multidisciplinary consortium, it is proposed to develop chemical and immunotherapeutic approaches directed towards inhibition of the osteoclast vacuolar ATPase. Specifically, this protein complex is responsible for the acidification process vital to bone resorption. Its inhibition will be a major contribution to combating osteoporosis, a very major problem in the aging population. The experimental strategy will draw upon
(i) the unique location of the enzyme in the plasma membrane of this cell-type and
(ii) the presence of natural inhibitors of the protein. The project will involve novel chemical synthesis, analysis of the functional effects of chemical agents and antibodies, structural analysis of the targeted subunits of the complex to determine drug interactions and testing of potential leads in in-vivo animal systems.

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