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To explore the use of innovative biostatistical analysis in the identification of novel disease-genes


HiberGen mission is to identify 'disease-genes'. HiberGen's core competency is in the identification of gene mutations or SNPs, using a proprietary mutation detection platform technology, called SNaPIT. HiberGen has secured broad access to selected patient groups within the genetically homogenous Irish population. The application of HiberGen's SNaPIT to these patient samples will generate new genetic data. This data will require intense bio statistical analysis to identify disease linkage. And represents a core activity for HiberGen. With this Exploraty award, Hibergen will be facilitated to identify partners, with whom it can test such bio statistical systems. 'Disease-genes' represent significant value within the pharmaceutical industry as they represent new targets for the development of better diagnostic tools and improved therapeutic agents for the treatment, management and prevention of disease contributing to the community goals on many levels.

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