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Structure- and sequence-specific recognition of platinated dna by lef-1, insights into the antitumor mechanism of cisplatin


The present project is fairly ambitious and requires the candidate to handle DNA, proteins, as well as platinum complexes and to make extensive use of molecular modelling. Since it did not appear reasonable to recruit a candidate to whom all these four fields would be new, we sought a postdoc familiar with two domains and willing to extend his expertise to the two others. In Dr. Drumm, who has received excellent training in platinum-oligonucleotide chemistry and wishes to acquire experience in protein structure and molecular modelling, we found such a candidate. His presence will be essential for the realisation of the project. This work will allow Dr. Drumm to
i) extend his expertise in DNA manipulations;
ii) receive training in state-of-art NMR applications to DNA-protein complexes;
iii) learn fundamentals of protein expression;
iv) get acquainted with biophysical methods such as DNA foot printing and microcalorimetry, and
v) get trained in modern molecular modelling techniques.

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Rue des Saints-Pères 45, Université de Paris 5
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