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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Differential genetic makeup and mrna expression profiles of sardinian alcohol preferring rat line by use of dna microarrays genechip technology.


Technology development is an essential part of modern genetic research. With the existing techniques it is possible to test only one single gene each time; as a consequence, a lot of time it is spent by the scientists on the gene expression experiments. Using the Gene-Chip technology we can test at the same time on a single slide the expression of all genes known in specific tissues or mutations in patient samples quickly in parallel. It will be used "GeneChip" on two particular families of laboratory rats, the Sardinian alcohol -preferring and the Sardinian alcohol-non-preferring. They constitute a suitable animal model for searching for gene expression patterns in the identification of effective molecules for alcoholism. Neuroscienze and AAT decided to carry out this project together because a remarkable added value can come out from this partnership (combination between knowledge and technology). This would prove to be the most cost-effective way to reach the final goal of knowledge on the function of all genes . The expected results will be exploit mainly by Neuroscienze with the pharmaceutics companies and by AAT with the biotechnology enterprises.

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