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Eurexpress, a european consortium for large-scale gene expression analysis by rna in situ hybridization


High resolution analysis of gene expression can be performed by RNA in situ hybridization, which allows definition of gene expression with great accuracy, this revealing temporal gene activity in individual cells or groups of cells. To apply the power of this high-resolution procedure to the vast resource of cDNAs contained in the evergrowing public sequence databases, seven European groups decided to undertake a concert effort in: a) developing a plan for international coordination on gene expression studies; and b) carrying out a high-throughput expression study of a large number of genes of high biological interest in developing mouse and human embryos as well as in adult mouse brain.
The main objectives of this proposal are:
1) Select and retrieve a collection of genes of biological value based on extensive bioinformatic analysis of public sequence database. This selection will be based on an extensive bioinformatic analysis of public sequence databases, such as dbEST and UniGene.
2) Perform a high-throughput expression study of the genes identified in objective 1, in developing mouse and human embryos and in adult mouse brain. The high-throughput in situ hybridization studies will be conducted by using an automated in situ hybridization (ISH) procedure, under development by the applicants. Using these procedures, 2,000-6,000 murine and 200-400 human cDNAs will be analyzed in the course of this project.
3) Construct two project-specific database (Mapped Image Database and Archive Image Database) for the submission, storage, management and release to the scientific community of the expression data generated in this project.
The high-throughput RNA in situ hybridization analysis described in this proposal will:
- be of crucial importance to better understand the physiological role of a given gene/protein in a living organism;
- provide new insights into mammalian gene functions and investigate their possible role in inherited diseases;
- be instrumental for predicting the phenotypic consequences of gene disruption in mouse mutants;
- provide insight into gene product interactions or indicate hierarchies of gene expression networks.

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