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Natural apomixis as a novel tool in plant breeding


Most crops are sexually propagating plants in which the embryo, encapsulated in a seed is formed as a result of a fertilization event. For the embryo and the seed to develop normally, a second fertilization event-giving rise to the endosperm is required. In contrast, apomictic plants reproduce asexually by means of seeds. In all cases of apomixis, through the avoidance of meiosis and fertilisation, the offspring is genetically identical to that of the mother plant. Apomixis is widespread in plants, but not among crops. This project will compare sexual and apomictic pathways in model species and crops. In combination with functional tests and powerful assays it will shed light on the genetic control of apomixis. The project will provide the tools and technology necessary to harness individual elements of apomixis and to perform first functional tests in both model systems and crops.

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