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Natural variation in arabidopsis thaliana : resources for functional analysis (NATURAL)


Variation of traits involved in adaptation can be found in nature and provides an important source of genetic variation for plant breeding. This proposal aims at the systematic exploitation of natural variation in the model plant Arabidopsis as a powerful approach for gene discovery. This variation can be dissected by combining :
1) analyses of morphological , physiological and chemical traits;
2) quantitative genetics to identify the genetic basis of the traits;
3) molecular studies to determine the genes and their functions. To achieve these goals
1) tools and material to analyse natural variation will be developed;
2) controlling natural variation for seed dormancy, flowering, pod shattering, plant growth and performance, carbohydrate and nitrate metabolism, insect resistance and content of nutritional compounds will be identified;
3) the usefulness of the Arabidopsis genes for MAS based breeding in Brassica will be evaluated.

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