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Tagging of rice genes for use in cereals (CEREALGENE TAGS)


A website OrygenesDB ( has been developed and set up with data from the project on transposon insertion site FSTs which are on display for analysis and use. This website is a public platform for rice functional genomics analysis and allows one to search for mutants and gene structure of any rice gene. Using this database of all publicly available rice insertion mutants we could demonstrate that the frequency of obtaining insertions in genes was relatively higher with the Ac-Ds population we generated than T-DNA or Tos17 insertions generated by other labs. This supports the value of the insertion mutant population generated.
A population of rice genotypes containing maize transposes were generated for a mutant collection. These primary genotypes and progeny are available for generation of extended mutant populations. The DNA flanking the inserts was isolated in more that 6000 plants, yielding a Flanking Sequence Tag (FST) database of tagged sites in the rice genome. More than half of the inserts were in genes, providing a resource for about 1000 tagged genes, including regulatory genes of interest belonging to the homeobox, MADS, kinase and resistance genes. The FST database allows interested users to select the insertion line of interest and characterize the mutant using this reverse genetics facility. A number of mutant phenotypes were identified and that will enable the identification of tagged genes.