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Identification of low and moderate penetrance genes predisposing to colorectal cancer utilising established and novel biotechnology (NEW COLON CANCER GENES)


Colon cancer is one of the most common malignancies in Europe. To fight this disease understanding the molecular nature of tumorigenesis is essential. Studies on colon cancer susceptibility has contributed greatly to our knowledge on these issues, in part through previous breakthrough discoveries by the participants. The focus of this proposal is on identification of low/moderate penetrance genes predisposing to colon cancer. This goal is of particular importance; not only do we anticipate deriving information on mechanisms of cancer in general, but also information on predisposition alleles affecting a considerable proportion of the population. Such data is a key to more efficient cancer prevention, detection, and treatment. The proposed goal is a demanding one, and an update on the biotechnology utilized is obligatory. This consortium will form a critical mass regarding both extensive sample materials, and competitive technology.

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