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Spatial/temporal organisation and regulation of the mapk pathway (MAPK SIGNALLING)


The MAPK pathway is at the heart of a molecular signalling network that governs the growth, differentiation and survival of many, if not all cell types. It is de-regulated in various diseases ranging from cancer to immunological, inflammatory and degenerative syndromes, and thus represents an attractive drug target. While its basic set-up is well understood, it is unclear how its complex spatio-temporal organisation controls its function, and how a single pathway can control such a variety of vital biological processes To solve these problems we propose a multi-disciplinary approach that combines innovative techniques in protein biochemistry and identification (proteomics), high resolution bio-imaging and genetics (conditional knock-out mice), and joins universities, dedicated research institutions and industrial partners. The scope extends from research at the molecular level to studies in whole animals, and will result in an integral picture of the regulation and physiological function of this important signalling pathway. We expect our results to generate animal models for human diseases, novel drug targets, new approaches to drug screening and new tools for the analysis of signalling pathways in general.

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