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Research centre for molecular medicine: improvement of quality of life through research and education


Based on its international links extended by the present proposal, the Research Centre for Molecular Medicine (RCMM) of the University of Debrecen will become a regional core facility for international graduate and postgraduate training, and will extend its activities towards clinical applications in the region for the improvement of the quality of life. Revealing the human genome, medical sciences have entered a new area. RCMM is in the position to initiate post genomic programmes in research and development to utilize the genomic information for new approaches in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of diseases. The Genomics Research Unit of RCMM, enriched by a strong bioinformatic component and proteomics, has been established in order to assess genomic information from patients including expression profiles of genes related to public health, pathological states and therapeutic protocols.

Call for proposal

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Nagyerdei Krt. 98
4012 Debrecen