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Enhancement of clinical value of functional imaging through automated removal of partial volume effect


In medicine, images of the structure (e.g. MRI) and function (e.g. Nuclear Medicine techniques) of the brain are used. Functional images are hampered by low resolution, resulting in contamination of the signal of each region from the surrounding structures (Partial Volume Effect -PVE), limiting their applications, especially when atrophy is present (e.g. in Alzheimer's Disease). Functional images can be corrected knowing the shape and size of corresponding brain structures as assessed by structural imaging. This projects aims at:
1) setting upon automated method for correction of functional low-resolution brain imaging;
2)validating it using specifically designed anthropomorphic phantoms;
3) applying it on pre-existing normal volunteers and patients studies. This software, validated by a team of European Centres, will set a standard for FVE correction, providing a tool for excellence of European research and of health care in brain disease.

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