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Engineering neural precursors for myelin repair


The overall aim of our proposal is to generate cells or therapeutic compounds that will repair the lesions of the common neurological disorder Multiple Sclerosis. To achieve this aim we will pursue a series of objectives:
(1) Generate neural precursor cells with enhanced migration properties that can reach and repair sites of demyelination in the central nervous system (CNS) following transplantation in animal models for the disease;
(2) Develop techniques to manipulate neural precursor migration in a transient manner if differentiation of these exogenous cells is hampered in some way ;
(3) Characterize the cell surface signalling that stimulate precursor cell migration in order to design compounds enhancing the recruitment of endogenous myelin-forming cells at sites of demyelination Our strategy will be based on manipulating molecules known to be permissive for migration during development of the nervous system such as the polysialylated form of NCAM and chemokines or important for signalling during migration such as integrins. Our final assay will be the restoration of fast nerve conduction in the remyelinated fibbers.

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