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Neurodevelopmental disorders in premature infants caused by thyroid hormone insufficiency - molecular basis for diagnosis and therapy


Transient hypothyroxinaemia in prefer infants are associated with laterneurodevelopmental deficits in motor and cognitive function. The overarching goal of our research programme is to determine the molecular basis of transient pothyroxinaemia of prefer infants and to use this information to drive the development of novel preventive and/or therapeutic strategies for these widespread and potentially debilitating handicaps of brain function. Here we have assembled an international and multidisciplinary research consortium, which is in a unique position to achieve this goal, with a combination of clinical, scientific, and manufacturing expertise. We plan to study at the molecular level the major pathways of iodothyronine metabolism and iodine supply in early human life and in experimental models, and then translate this information into new products for detecting, preventing and correcting transient thyroid dysfunction of prematurely.

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Ninewells hospital & medical school
DD1 9SY Dundee
United Kingdom

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