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Molecular and cellular mechanisms of brain repair


Lesion of central nervous system creates permanent disabilities and therefore represents a high priority research area for its impact in the quality of life and also under the socio-economical point of view. The aim of BRAIN conference is to bring together different expertises and to discuss the recent advances obtained at basic level in order to plan future research strategies for the development of effective treatment.

The meeting will take place in Turin during three days for a total of six sessions. Each session will have four main invited speakers (for a total of 24), short communications and poster presentations, and will cover six topics:
i) Growth-associated genes;
ii) Neuronal response to injury;
iii) Environmental factors promoting or inhibiting regeneration;
iv) Axon-glia interactions;
v) Neuroprotection;
vi) Transplantation.

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


Villa Gualino, Viale Settimio Severo 63
10133 Torino (Turin)