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Assembly, maintenance and novel potential drug targets of the synapse (SYNAPTOGENET)


Synapses are key elements for neuronal communication in the brain. Many synaptic proteins are targets for neuropharmaceuticals as well as neurotoxins and street drugs. Synaptic dysfunction is associated with various neurological disorders. The pivotal objectives of this study are to gain precise insight into processes of synaptic assembly and function, to understand path mechanisms underlying synaptic dysfunction and to discover novel targets for neuropharmaceuticals. The skills of the partners in molecular biology, genetics (including advanced trans-genie technologies in mouse and fly), bio informatics, biochemistry, electro-physiology, cell biology and functional anatomy will be combined to: study mechanisms of synapse assembly, identify genes involved in acquisition of synaptic competence (i.e. the ability to form synapses), analyse molecular mechanisms of transmitter release, and find and validate new potential drug targets.

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