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Cortical, cerebellar and spinal neuronal networks - towards an interface of computational and experimental analysis (MICROCIRCUITS)


Whereas the cell and molecular biology of the nerve cell has undergone a revolution during the last decade, we still have a fragmentary knowledge of the next level, the intrinsic function of the neuronal networks that are responsible for the basic processing and pattern generation within the brain. We will address five different networks that are experimentally amenable, and located on different levels of the CNS. They are: the columns of necrotic, hippocampal microcircuitry, cerebellar granular layer micro circuitry, network underlying locomotors activity, and spinal processing. These networks form basic processing units in the brain that underlie cognition, memory formation and the control of movement. They are chosen because; in each case there has been a rapid accumulation of information in which the partner laboratories have played a leading role. Moreover, for each type of network we combine a detailed cellular and computational approach.

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