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Dynamics of extracellular glutamate (DECG)


Glutamate (Glue) is the major mediator of excitatory signals in the central nervous system and both too low and too high levels of Glue are harmful. Glue exerts its signalling function by activating receptors on the cell surfaces. Nervous tissue is an extremely complex network of cellular extensions. Glue receptors are widely distributed within this network; both within and outside synapses. Glue is released at synapses and from other parts of both neurons and supporting cells. Understanding of Glue mediated signalling therefore requires insight into how Glue diffuses between the cellular elements and how it is released into and is removed from the extra cellular fluid. Disturbance of this control likely contributes to several disorders causing suffering and economic losses. The consortium will clarify the mechanisms controlling extra cell. Glue, and will produce a knowledge base for pharmaceutical industry and clinical medicine.

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